Pulling the slack out of your kitchen

Kitchen and Granite Repairs and Renovations

Granite installation and repairs

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Kitchen Repairs and Renovations

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Hob cut-outs for gas stoves

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Our Creative Journey so far

Since 2005 we specialize in affordable kitchen and granite repairs and renovations.
Primarily we started as a granite installation company, but soon realized we have so much more to offer. With our free in-house assessment, we are able to establish what you need prior to the work being done in your home.

Based on our experience, we have renovated over 1000 kitchens and bathrooms by coming in and repairing broken granite, marble and quartz countertops in rather than replacing entire countertops which makes it convenient and affordable.

We also repair water damage that might have occurred from leaking taps or poorly sealed sinks, and offer easy solutions to replacing electric stoves to gas stoves by cutting your existing granite to fit the new hob or removing a cupboard and countertop to fit a free standing unit.

We literally come and pull the slack out of your kitchen. Repairing existing cupboards or that annoying drawer that just wont close properly.