Onyx designs has done the big factory manufacturing business during 2005 and 2009, when the world’s financial markets and banks collapsed.Since then we have down sized to smaller, high volume form of business.

Our Business:

Primarily Onyx designs are a granite installation company, who has evolved into a specialized kitchen repair outfit, with most of the work done at the client’s house. Our research showed us there is a lot of broken granite marble and quartz in homes today where people do not want to replace the whole kitchen.

Also, water damage of cupboards from leaking taps, poorly sealed sinks and general kitchen use.Recently many people are changing their electric stoves for gas, our role in this is to cut the granite larger to fit the new hob or to remove a cupboard and granite to fit a free-standing unit.For the rest, if its logical, we can do it, or we will find a suitable contractor to help you.

Onyx Designs Mission:

Our mission is to provide an efficient service, to make to the least mess with the most pleasant experience.

Onyx Designs Vision:

Our vision is to train up young workers to be able to have the thinking, working and emotional skills to be able to offer a service par excellance, to be able to solve any problem by attending to it or to pass the work on in a responsible way.By this we can improve the service delivery levels in the building industry.

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