Programmable electricity consumption monitoring system by a residence or business refers to a system and method for monitoring energy usage or a system for continuously measuring and displaying electrical power consumption and cost at a consumer’s residence or business.
Our society recognizes its dependence on electricity for our everyday life, as well as the need to develop another forms of energy. Reducing power consumption, though advantageous for the public as a whole as well as the private individual, is difficult for the average consumer. The average consumer only receives feedback regarding power consumption from receipt of a monthly bill from the power company.
There is a need for a practical, programmable, user friendly, affordable, portable system for monitoring of power consumption; a system that is integral with a main circuit breaker or utility meter and can easily be installed by a contractor or builder in the residence or business and easily understood by the consumer. In general, standard methods of measuring electrical power are known, as are systems for transmitting data through power line carrier transmission technology.
The system provides continuous, contemporaneous feedback concerning power usage and cost in the consumer’s residence or place of business. The present electricity consumption monitoring system includes a Measuring Transmitting Unit, which is integral with a main circuit breaker or utility meter installed at the residence or business, and a separate Receiving Display Unit, which is plugged into any wall receptacle inside the residence or business. The Measuring Transmitting Unit encodes and transmits digitally encoded signals over existing power circuits within the home or business.

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